Tricentric Concept, with Dr. Mariano Rocabado

Tricentric Concept, with Dr. Mariano Rocabado

Transverse occlusal plane dependant on the congruent relation of the cranio vertebral Occiput Atlas Axis joints and progression of synovial temporomandibular joints altered function (2021-2022)

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There is a neurological link between the upper cervical nerves and the sensory fibres of the trigeminal nerve, which receives nociceptive information from the face and other pain sensitive structures in the head. as the upper three cervical nerves enter the dorsal columns, via the dorsal root ganglion, their fibres synapse with the descending fibres of the spinal trigeminal nucleus which descends within the spinal cord caudally to the level of C3. Loss of Tricentric Relation and Facial Assymmetry.
Cervicogenic headache is pain referred to the head from a source in the cervical spine. unlike other types of headaches, cervicogenic headaches has attracted interest from disciplines other than neurology, in particular orthopaedic manual therapists (OMT) dentist in the area of craniofacial and oral pain, and interventional pain specialist (anaesthesiologist).
Under instability conditions, subjects showed a better balance when mandibule was in the most relaxed mandibular position. These findings raise two important points, a relaxed jaw position improves balance in subjects under unstable conditions and people with better occlusion show a better balance than people with “malocclusions, like crossbites, midline deviations, open bites, increased overjet and class ii.
     1) Significantly influencing postural control under experimental conditions were: crowding, midline deviation, crossbite, anterior open bite and more than 3 mm overjet.
     2) When comparing the angle class iii, the subjects with angle class ii showed the worse balance.


Day 1 : AM The Craniovertebral Occiput, Atlas and Axis Centric Relation Concept • Concept of Congruency of STMJ and Craniovertebral Centric Ralation • Importance of physiological curvatures of the spine in the maintenance of head posture in space and in relation to the rest of the body. PM Influence of head and neck dynamics in mandibular function and dental occlusal contacts • Craniocervical • Lateral Cephalometric Analysis • Coronal Cephalometric analysis • High Resolution Tomography for Dynamic TMJ • Occiput Atlas – Axis High Resolution Tomography • Transvers and Spinous process Angule, and Mandibular Asymmetry • Relation between craniovertebral joints and cephalalgias. Trigeminocervical nucleus • Loss of Horizontal and Transverse Occlusal Plane and Progression of altered Synovial TMJ Function, Disc Pathology and Progression Joint Degeneration of Cranio Vertebral Origen • Panel - Doubts - Questions
Day 2 : AM Physiology of Synovial Joints • The synovial TMJ PAIN MAP TMJ, soft tissue sensitivity as it relates to joint pathology • Synovial TMJ assessment. PM Continue Previous Topic • Synovial TMJ Progression of Disc Pathology and Degenerative Joint Disease. (DJD) • Approach to treatment Mandibular rest position. How to prepare joints for treatment of Intracapsular disc pathology • Normalization Patient care.
Day 3 : AM Craniovertebral Centric Relation of Assesment of Craniovertebral Joints. PM Practical work prepare Craniovertebral Joints for initial approach to Treatment • Craniovertebral Joints, Basic Techniques to restore Craniovertebral Alignment for Stable Horizontal Occlusal Plane • Synovial TMJ assessment. Pain Map. Initial Approach to Treatment. Long Axis. Manual Distraction. Lateral and Medial Glides for Normalization • Final Discussion.

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Any dentist, orthodontist and health professional with their team members who want to raise their TMJ knowledge and habilities to diagnose, intercept and treat complications and diseases with stronger confidence and control.


March 26–27–28th, 2021   Postponed to October 8–9–10, 2021 due to Covid


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  • Dr Mariano Rocabado

    Dr Mariano Rocabado

    Prof. D.P.T. - Doctor Physical Therapy, Certified OMT - CHILE

    Dr. Rocabado is a Full Professor at the Dental School of University of Chile, Full Professor at Universidad Andrés Bello - Facultad de Ciencias de la Rehabilitación, and Adjunct Professor at University St. Augustine U.S.A. He is at the present Director Magister Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences University Andres Bello Santiago of Chile; Professor of Head Neck Biomechanics at the Post Graduate Program - Faculty of Rehabilitation Science - University Andres Bello in Santiago Chile; Director of CEDIME (Centro de Estudios de las Disfunciones Músculo Esqueléticas); Manual Therapy Program for the Health profession and Head Neck Facial Pain Program for the dental Profession; Director of the Rocabado Institute (Instituto Rocabado Ciencias Biomédicas y de la salud); and a International speakerHe is also the Author of Principios de Kinesiología en Cirugía Ortognática; Clinical Atlas 1, Synovial Joint Physiology – Temporo Mandibular Joint Pain Map; Clinical atlas 2, Cranio – Cervical – Mandibular Congruence, a Practical Clinical Approach. Dr. Rocabado is an Honorary Member of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain, and an Honorary Member of the American Academy of Craniofacial pain. Finally is received these awards for his work : Award “Vitae et Scientia”, awarded the Faculty Board of Heath of the University International SEK, June 2010; and National Award of the Chilean Physical Therapy Association, Dr. Luis Bisquertt, May 2012

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