President's Message

Dear dental health professionals, 

For over 40 years, the International Dental Institute (IDI) has made every effort to offer you a range of solutions aimed at facilitating and energizing the practice of your profession. Both in terms of continuing education and consulting in practice management as well as mentoring, support and analysis of your practice, the IDI has established itself as a key player in the development of dental practices in Quebec.

It is also in the extension of this mission that we now offer you an additional solution to support you in your succession plan and the transition of your practice, a growing need in our industry. When the time is right, we will support you in all the important decisions related to the sustainability of your practice, your team and your patients. Our network of partners allows us to guide you to options and people with whom we share values and a common vision of dental practice, namely one based on the development and support of our talents to ensure the succession and excellence of care.

We invite you to consult our integrated services offer, and look forward to seeing you again or meeting you very soon!

Martin Lavallee, BBA, MBA