Periodontics department development consulting

Periodontal diseases are too often misdiagnosed and/or undertreated due to a lack of knowledge of clear protocols that are understood and implemented by the entire team. Our periodontics consulting services will help you better detect and treat periodontal diseases, which will in turn guarantee your patients good oral and systemic health.

Here are the key elements implemented by our team of Consultants:

  • Involvement of the entire team to facilitate effective communication with patients
  • Scientific review of periodontal methods
  • Hands-on consulting for both the periodontal exam as well as periodontal treatments for patients requiring this type of care
  • Team case studies to develop treatment plans
  • Implementation of a periodontal protocol that includes periodontal standards, a list of codes and fees, personalised appointment duration, required supplies, etc.

Happiness in dentistry comes from structured and effective organisation.

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