A Winning Team

Selected professionals knowledgeable in all fields of dentistry are at your service. Continuing education, training and research are foremost in their work and in the team they are engaged in.

  • Martin Lavallée

    Martin Lavallée

    BAA, MBA, President
  • Geneviève Lavallée

    Geneviève Lavallée

    B.Sc., MBA, Director
  • Denis Massé

    Denis Massé

    Speaker - Consultant
  • Isabelle Lavallée

    Isabelle Lavallée

    BSc., Cert. GRH, Director – Consulting
  • Katherine Jung

    Katherine Jung

    Operations Manager
  • Denise Daigneault

    Denise Daigneault

    Administrative Assistant - Accounting
  • Ivona Morawska

    Ivona Morawska

    Continuing Education Advisor
  • Julie Cloutier

    Julie Cloutier

    Continuing Education Advisor
  • Andrée Gaudette

    Andrée Gaudette

    RDH, Orthodontic Supplies Advisor
  • Kathy Montpetit

    Kathy Montpetit

    Sales Assistant
  • Jessika Dépôt

    Jessika Dépôt

  • Chau Nguyen

    Chau Nguyen

    RDH, Consultant/Speaker - Periodontics
  • Claire Gaulin

    Claire Gaulin

    RDH, NLP Cert. Coach, Advisor – Ortho
  • Fanny Bond

    Fanny Bond

    Clinical Coordinator
  • Johanne Ménard

    Johanne Ménard

    Conference Room Staff
  • Susie Gauthier

    Susie Gauthier

    Conference Room Staff
  • Sylvain Dagenais

    Sylvain Dagenais

    Conference Room Staff/General Maintenance
  • Philippe Leclerc

    Philippe Leclerc

    Conference Room Staff
  • Michel Champagne

    Michel Champagne

    DMD, MAGD, IBO, Speaker & Mentor – Ortho
  • Pierre Pellan

    Pierre Pellan

    DMD, IBO, Speaker & Mentor – Ortho
  • Jacques Léonard

    Jacques Léonard

    DMD, IAO Senior Instructor, Speaker - Ortho
  • Marie-Claude Chaput

    Marie-Claude Chaput

    DMD, Speaker, Clinical Director & Mentor – Ortho
  • Gisane Roy

    Gisane Roy

    DMD, IBO, Clinician & Mentor – Ortho
  • Sophie Lepage

    Sophie Lepage

    DMD, Speaker – Ortho
  • Martin Lemay

    Martin Lemay

    DMD, Speaker – Ortho
  • Suzanne Paré

    Suzanne Paré

    DMD, Clinician – Ortho
  • François Bourdeau

    François Bourdeau

    DMD, Diplomate ICOI, Director – Implantology
  • Pierre Chouinard

    Pierre Chouinard

    DMD, Fellow ICOI, Mentor – Implantology
  • Jean Morin

    Jean Morin

    DMD, Diplomate ICOI, Mentor – Implantology
  • Benoit Lapointe

    Benoit Lapointe

    DMD, Diplomate ICOI, Mentor – Surgery, Implanto
  • Simon Roy

    Simon Roy

    DMD, Master ICOI, Mentor - Implanto & Clin. Ortho
  • Yankel Azran

    Yankel Azran

    DMD, Diplomate ICOI, Mentor – Implantology
  • François Thériault

    François Thériault

    DMD, FRCD (C), Director – Surgery
  • Élise Martel-Labrecque

    Élise Martel-Labrecque

    DMD, Clinician - Surgery
  • Hélène Massé

    Hélène Massé

    RDH, Speaker/Clinician
  • Gisèle Choquette

    Gisèle Choquette

    RDH, Speaker/Clinician
  • Claudine Doucet

    Claudine Doucet

    B.Ens., Cert., Speaker & Consultant – HR
  • Emanuel Alvaro

    Emanuel Alvaro

    DMD, MSc, Cert. Endo, Director – Endodontie
  • Eric Lacoste

    Eric Lacoste

    DMD, M.SC., F.R.C.D (C). M.B.A. - Director Paro
  • Thomas T. Nguyen

    Thomas T. Nguyen

    DMD, MSc, FRCD(C), Parodontist, Speaker Greffes
  • Farid Amer-Ouali

    Farid Amer-Ouali

    DMD FRCD (C) Maxillofacial Surgeon