Orthodontics department optimisation consulting

The orthodontic field of expertise is certainly fascinating, but can become arduous if it is poorly integrated into a general dental practice. Our consulting services will help you efficiently integrate orthodontic services into your practice while guaranteeing profitability and quality of working life. Our interventions touch on, among others, filing, scheduling, finance, and team structure management.

Here are the key elements implemented by our team of Consultants:

  • Analysis of the practice, both general and orthodontic, so as to fluidly integrate the two without undermining one-another.
  • Implementation of monitors so as to obtain reliable statistical data to make informed decisions and assure growth
  • Full orthodontic records
  • A customer experience that promotes referrals
  • Follow-up management (beginning treatment, ongoing treatment, retention, etc.)
  • Reminders to patients awaiting decisions
  • A team structure that includes labour planning in this field of expertise and the implementation of a Treatment Coordinator position
  • A personalised schedule with specifically reserved orthodontic treatment slots
  • Financial management and payment options
  • Internal and external marketing
  • Verbal skills for communicating with patients and parents

Happiness in dentistry comes from structured and effective organisation. 

Discover and reach your untapped potential!

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