TRANSITION PLAN - A Tailored Partnership

A Tailored Partnership to Meet Your Needs

  • If you aim to ensure the sustainability of your clinic beyond your own practice
  • If you are seeking a partner capable of providing fair value for your clinic and enabling your young associates to join the network
  • If you are considering a transition within the next 3 to 7 years
  • If you are looking to gain more chair time without the constraints associated with management


An offer designed to provide you with peace of mind

  • Maintaining your freedom of practice and professional autonomy
  • Privileged access to our expert partner in skills development, the IDI
  • respectful transition for your clinician partners and patients
  • Complete administration of your practice by a multidisciplinary clinical and corporate team emphasizing a collaborative approach


About Clareo Dental Network

Dr. Alain Thivierge, founder dentist, established Groupe Santé Dentaire, which became Clareo Dental Network in 2021. Clareo stands out as the only fully Quebec-based dental network, with its headquarters located in Laval.

The multidisciplinary corporate team ensures sustained daily management of the 18 clinics currently making up the network. Clareo is delighted to have several clinical partners who contribute to the network's success, including general dentists and specialists.

Since April 2022, International Dental Institute (IDI) has been an integral part of the Clareo network as a partner in continuous education. Guiding and clinically developing the new generation of dentists within Clareo is at the core of our daily operations, and supporting emerging talent is truly one of our priorities. The training programs offered by our partner, IDI, enable Clareo professionals to accelerate their development and optimize their practice.

Clareo is proud to have Walter Capital Partners (WCP) as financial partner since 2021, a Quebec-based investment group active for over 100 years in the business domain. Walter Capital Partners plays a key role in Clareo's sustained growth, providing us with the means necessary to achieve our ambitions.


For further information

As a business owner, understanding your short and long-term options for ensuring the transition of your practice is crucial. Contact Martin Lavallée in complete confidentiality to get answers to your questions.

Martin Lavallée
President, International Dental Institute
514 796-1281