Your best asset? Yourself!

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By Denis Massé

  Not so long ago, the big questions were "How will the return be back to the clinic? How to manage the complexity of the asepsis protocols? The reorganization of the rooms? The schedule? Will the clients show-up to their appointments? No, the pandemic will certainly not have been easy!

But soon we will see the light at the end of the tunnel and YES there will be an end and YES there will be a recovery period... and we will have to be ready. The next few months will be critical. You will need to shift through the ideas that will make a difference for you and your practice. It will be time to plan how you will implement your recovery.

Economic uncertainty will make many people more hesitant to spend and dentistry will not be immune to that. A wave that will pass? YES! But as entrepreneurs, you must be proactive and vigilant. Some options are available to you: Sit back, observe, and wait? Invest in more targeted and aggressive advertising and marketing perhaps, but at what cost? Start offering competitive prices and discounts? Hmm…that would increase the burden and costs for basically the same benefit and maybe even less.

Why not invest in your best asset…yourself and your team. One solution is to see this unwanted downtime as an opportunity to work on your practice, your business, your systems and your talent. Dentistry will still be here waiting for you. However, you will need to invest the time and identify the opportunities while presenting them the right way to increase the trust (acceptance rate) among your existing clients who, feeling satisfied and secure, will in turn refer others to your practice. Listening, communicating, empathizing, building trust, providing a great customer experience and satisfaction with the services received will be even more essential factors for success than ever before.

It's time to focus, or rather “refocus” on your vision and your systems and time to check back in and look forward to what is to come.  This is exactly the opportunity that IDI's “Build Your Dream Practice” (‘Bâtir sa pratique de rêve’) offers you.  Our training program will help you, as a team, come together and create synergy and team spirit, which will lead you to many successes and accomplishments. We will guide you in the implementation of effective systems and protocols, that will in turn develop a healthy and efficient organization where patients accept your recommendations and begin their treatments.

A training that will get you back on track and ultimately help you become the best you can be in this world where competition is increasingly present and strong.

As always, IDI is with you wholeheartedly throughout your journey!

Denis Massé 

Program Director,

International Dental Institute (IDI)

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